What we do

Extensive Services
to a wide array of businesses

Akashi Exports engages and contributes to multiple businesses in a variety of sectors. At the core of our business we are a trading firm, we help our clients source, purchase and finally, ship these goods to their final destination.

With our knowledge, network, and expertise, we aim to create wealth and prosperity for all stakeholders in the supply chain. We provide extensive services from product development to quality check and supply chain management.

Our services
Sourcing & Product Development

Sourcing and launching new products can be one of the most exciting things and one of the fastest ways to multiply profits. However, it is also a time and energy intensive task. Most sellers/distributors on average take up to 3-6 months to source and launch a new product. The time period can also significantly increase for new product development projects.

Could you be spending that time focussed on what you’re best at ? Where that may be sales & marketing or product design. Outsource the highly specialized and manpower intensive task of sourcing, quality check and logistics to us. We do it day in and day out and have systems, processes, contacts in place and 30 years experience to do an excellent job.

If you’re looking to develop new products in China from scratch, for your next crowd-funded campaign, allow us to help you with your new product development services.

Or, if you would like to have a chat to get some guidance to discuss your quality control and sourcing strategy or issues you are having with your current supplier, we are always happy to assist you with ad-hoc consulting as well.

Due Diligence

There are numerous ways the delivery of your product(s) can stumble and cost you your reputation. Choosing the right supplier(s) is key and supervising them like a hawk is required. By working with Akashi Exports, we can ensure you make the right choices at different stages of the supplier selection and manufacturing process.

If you’re interested in our full service, you can check out our Sourcing service, where you’re able to leverage our experience and resources and get a highly optimised, completely hands-off sourcing and quality control experience. We are able to provide:

  • Pre-shipment inspection service
  • Factory audits
  • Company verification service
  • Mid production inspection service
  • Loading inspection
  • Logistics services

Logistics is one of the final steps before you can finally see a return on your investment, but unless it’s handled carefully, costs can easily rocket up to sky-high prices.

Let us take care of the logistics for you. By using our expertise and our bulk buying capacity, we will save you money - and a headache!

It is important to plan your logistics strategically to minimize costs, especially when you are consolidating goods from multiple suppliers. Choice of warehouse, choice of ports, using the right HS Codes, every single decision has an impact on the costs. If you would like to outsource all your logistics planning to a team that does it for a living, reach out to us.

We are able to provide:

  • China sample consolidation service
  • Courier to Amazon FBA service
  • Freight & door-to-door services
Our Product Lines
Consumer Electronics

We are capable of sourcing and providing all categories of consumer electronics. We specialise in home and kitchen appliances, audio accessories and gadgets.

Within home appliances we source large appliances/white goods such as washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, air conditioners to list a few.

Within small home appliances we source appliances such as microwaves, standing fans, rice cookers, hand blenders, vacuum cleaners, kettles etc.

For audio accessories we source a vast range of products consisting of bluetooth speakers, wired speakers, amplifiers, bluetooth/wired headphones, bluetooth neckbands, bluetooth/wired earphones, true wireless earbuds to list a few.

Within gadgets we source within the following categories to name a few; smartphone accessories, drones, novelty gizmos, gifts etc.

LED/LCD TV Components

Due to our extensive experience with TV manufacturing, we procure any and all components required for the production of TVs. We specialise in the sourcing of opencell panels for LED/LCD television screens.

We’re able to cater to client’s manufacturing processes, whether they need components for complete knock down (CKD) or semi-knockdown (SKD), we are able to procure for them.

Machinery and Tooling

We also help out clients for when they set up or expand their manufacturing facilities by procuring the machinery they require.

While this is not an exhaustive list, common machinery exported from China includes printing and packing machinery, forklifts, agricultural machinery, 3D printers, injection moulding machines and laser cutting machines.

We also assist our clients with creating the necessary moulding/tooling they need for their injection moulding machines at their manufacturing plants.

Roles we take up to help our global clients include
Market Research
Sourcing Suppliers
Supplier Validation
Negotiation & Communication
Quality Check
Supply Chain & Logistics